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Testimonials from "Follow Your Bliss" Retreat

I just wanted to send you a note to say "thank you so much, again!" for co-creating the day with me, and finding a way to make it possible. It was
exactly what the doctor ordered and I am still glowing after what was such a beautiful experience. My mother also really enjoyed just walking on the
grounds with the baby.

I thought that the retreat was quite beautiful. It provided me with an opportunity to experience a bit of solitude and self-reflection in a stunning
environment surrounded by lots of positive energy. I would say my level of enjoyment and in-joyment were high.

Each woman walked into the room with her own expectations, her own challenges and her own gifts and chose to share those with the other women.
Listening to the stories that these women shared (verbally and visually), each of whom arrived at the retreat from different places and for different
reasons was inspiring. And just as importantly, Barbara, you have such a peaceful and calming energy about you, the grace with which you move
through yoga poses and your incorporation of the philosophies into your everyday life are things which all of use are inspired by and hope to
incorporate just a fraction of that into our own lives.

Level of enjoyment for the retreat was high. I absolutely loved it. It was great to be in such wholesome energy and with very lovely ladies. It says
much about you that you attract such beautiful Beings around you. Also I was touched by the level of care that you put into everything, every detail.
I realized how much time you must put into
preparing and it made the experience even more special.

I was inspired by the journaling. It wasn't totally new to me but so affirming to reply to the questions and once again be reminded of where my Bliss is
in life.

You once again have created a sacred space for women to just be women together and enjoy life. It was a beautiful today!! The yoga spirits were
definitely there today; the power of my prayers and blessings felt incredibly strong

Testimony from Tuscan Retreat

"Once upon a time there was this simply wonderful yoga teacher named Barbara...          

One Saturday morning in yoga class she announced  an adventure to Tuscany.  There would be a group of about 9 woman walking hiking, doing
yoga, meditation, shopping, feasting on the finest food, art  and sacred experiences.  I had only been waiting my entire life for an opportunity like this
so I decided to go.

I met wonderful women that I hope to meet again, practiced yoga and meditation at the Casa Albertina  in Montecatini Altoa
Tuscan home dating back to the 1200's.  We also practiced at the Farm House Malvarina in Assii. We were so luckyto also have Silvia and Simone as
our private guides though the forests of Tuscany.  The food was the finest and freshest.  You can not bet that extra extra virgin oil, the wine the cheese
the pasta the gelato, OK OK I guess I  liked the food a-lot!!!   

This Adventure to Tuscany was a Magical, Mystical tour of the senses.  I felt so happy.  In fact I was finding myself walking the cobble stone streets
with a smile on my face and saying out loud " I am so happy "  It was just the way it was. So many spiritual adventures also.  The thunder and
lightening storm over the Tuscan sky only to stop every time we stepped outside.  The police flying by in the cars with the scull of Santa Barbara.  The
wish for sunshine and a rainbow in Umbria and puff there it is.  Nine women sharing there lives with one another.

There is so much more to share.  I am hoping we will take time for that in the days to come.

I am truly blessed to have had shared this magical adventure.  Thank you Barbara for making dreams come true." ~ Love Linda
Awaken to the Divine In You!

A One Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Women

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

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Barbara has facilitated numerous yoga and meditation retreats in California, as
well as two yoga/meditation/hiking retreats in Italy.  

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