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Hear from the individuals that
have been touched by Barbara's
unique Spirit:

Barbara and I met at one of her
regular Yoga classes and I was
inspired by her wisdom and
compassion as well as the strength of
her practical Yoga...bringing together
all the elements that yoga
encompasses, connection to mind,
body and spirit.  Enthralled with her
teaching skills, I then embraced my
journey with her farther and
attended various Retreats with her
where her love and encouragement
propelled me further into a place of
love and joy and healing.
I have also attended many of Barbara's Restorative
Yoga classes which are purely for restoration of the
body, mind and these classes we listen to words of
inspiration, and beautiful poetry read to us as we lie
in gentle, loving poses...taking care of our body,
mind and spirit...I use the word spirit in a purely
non-denominational sense, because that is how
Barbara presents any aspect of our
spirituality.........this leaves this aspect of
ourselves open to our personal preferences...and I
feel that this is important.   Sharing these times with
her have meant a great deal to me as an evolving,
loving human being
I am a student in your yoga class.  The first is
family.  I'm noticing my father who turns 80 years
old this July is beginning to have difficulty staying
physically increasingly slow.  The problem is muscle
strength and stamina.  I can see how yoga helps
develop muscle strength and increases stamina.  So,
while my dad may think there is little he can do, I
can learn from his experience by not following the
same path and taking yoga to increase my odds of
being able to remain mobile well into 100 years of

The second reason applies at work for me.  Handling
the $60 million dollars of life savings for 600 clients
and as the securities supervisor for 15 financial
advisers and accountants, stress is inevitable.  It is
here that yoga helps me with being physically
flexible, which translates into my being mentally
agile.  Although I'm convinced I look like a pretzel in
class, I am learning old dogs can learn new tricks!

I love your class and I love you, Barbara.

Thanks a million,
John L. Grace
Investor's Advantage, Corp.

“Barbara’s Wellness4Work Program” has made a
difference in reducing stress and increasing
productivity in my department.  Barbara did a
presentation for 20 members of my staff.  Since
then, a number of associates have called up Barbara’
s program to reduce tense moments in the day.  The
breathing exercises are particularly appreciated.  On
a number of occasions, staff was stuck on a
problem.  After doing a 60 second Wellness4Work
exercise, the problem was quickly solved.”

Tom Marsh
Director of Accounting Operations

The women are talking about how they would like to
incorporate yoga into their work days, in a group-
type setting. They loved it. Mission accomplished –
pure bliss and inspiration.

Fabulous day! I loved the flow of the activities and
how they captured the meaning of the retreat, our
vision and fulfillment of ourselves.  I loved how we
bonded together spiritually as women and were
nourished  intellectually, emotionally, and
physically through rigorous, challenging and fun
experiences. Great day!

I was inspired by the resources that you wisely
chose, and the women in the group.  You did a
beautiful job planning the day so that we could
appreciate the ideas of the literature and the
wisdom, talent, and beauty of all the women.  And,
of course, I am always inspired by you, Barbara!

Thank you Barbara for a wonderful day. It was
definitely the highest level of both types of
enjoyment. Your spiritual gifts are so profound, it
was such a pleasure to benefit from them for a
whole day. And thank you for encouraging me to
attend. I am so glad I did.

It's inspiring me to create more quiet, nurturing
time for myself to engage in meditation and yoga.
Please keep me updated on future classes and
seminars. Light and love and gratitude

Barbara, I truly had a wonderful time on Sunday.  
Somewhere in that  
"brook" recline i lost all sense of time and wondered
if i had been  
in that position for the entire class while other
things had been  
going on. i am still reaping the benefits. I have been
calmer with my  
family, listening more and  reacting less.
I think it was one of the best yoga experiences I've
had.  The practice was deep and profoundly
beneficial.  The music and meditations were simple
and strong, very supportive.  Your warm presence was
just right: warm but not invasive or too warm (which
requires a response from participants) but just There
with a quiet confidence that let me travel very deeply
within.  I am always grateful when the
teacher/facilitator doesn't talk too much.  I was in a
near-sleep blessed trance state for most of it.

Thank you for your gracefully guided opening of my
heart.  Your voice, prayers, and the golden light
shined inside me all day.  The chakra meditation was
just what I needed to hear.  My sacral and heart
chakra have blockages and the visualization exercise
is what I need to open these up.  My energy was
flowing and vibrant all day and evening yesterday.  

“There are times on our lifetime journey when we
meet extraordinary people...Barbara is one of those
people.  Some people come into our lives for a reason,
some for a season and some
forever...Barbara will forever have a place in my heart
as a loving,
compassionate, nurturing, human being.”

Barbara is a phenomenal yoga instructor. After my
first class, I knew I had found my perfect teacher. She
teaches not only the yoga asanas, but inspires her
students to practice yoga and use its philosophical
teachings in our daily lives. Her instruction has made
me mindful of the power I have within me to effect
change in not only myself, but my world. My daughter
took her first yoga class from Barbara and was
inspired to study yoga and hopes to
one day teach others as well.

My yoga practice helped to rehabilitate my shoulder
after a bicycle accident 2 years ago and improve my
overall physical strength. More importantly, I have
learned to be more present in my daily life. Through
Barbara's teachings, I have learned the importance of
balance in my life and am able to focus more clearly
on the priorities in my work, and focus on creative
solutions. All in all, my ability to balance my work and
my family has improved remarkably. My husband can
tell when I have not been to class for a
while because I don't handle life's challenges as
smoothly. I am committed to a life journey through
yoga, hopefully with Barbara.

“Barbara has taught me this valuable tool--how to be
actively calm and calmly active.    As a direct result my
company reports fewer sick days and fewer injuries.”

Greg Dollarhyde
President and CEO Baja Fresh
Fresh Enterprise, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know how elated I am to have
found your yoga class.  For the past three years I have
been enjoying your class and what it has done for my
body, mind and spirituality.  I have told you before
that I have become a “yoga snob” and am addicted to
YOUR class.  I feel really lucky to have found it and
yourself and look forward to every Saturday morning.  
It is definitely the perfect start to the weekend!

You teach one of the finest yoga classes around.  You
truly teach yoga and you do so from your heart.

Dear Barbara
Thank you from my Heart.
Thank you for being "YOU".
Thank you for all the classes you put forth.
It is a privilege to be in your class and your company.
I am ever so grateful to have you every Saturday
morning conveying all your Love and inner Devotion
to us .
In Light, Love, Humility and Eternal Gratitude

So much more terrific than a jog!  Just a quick note
to say thanks for being my yoga inspiration!  You're
classes will keep me yoga-ing for life.

Hi Barbara!  I just wanted to thank you for today's
workshop.  I felt so honored to be there.  With such a
beautiful, positive energy in the room, I felt relaxed
and was able to let go of some stress I was dealing
with.  Thank you.  My friend, Andrea, loved the
experience.  This was her first time back to yoga in
quite some time and she walked away wanting to
come back.  It was really cute actually... when she
dropped me off she told me that after spending so
much time celebrating women, she was very excited to
go home and cuddle with her 4 year old daughter and
just share in some love time with her.  I hope you
know what beauty you bring with your kindness,
tenderness, and welcoming ways.  You're very much
Barbara Rose Sherman
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