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Corporate Wellness Programs

Barbara has created and implemented programs for:

  • Lexus
  • Jaffra International
  • The California Society of Pediatric Dentists
  • Moorpark College
  • The Oaks at Ojai    

Today, in a world moving half the speed of light, stress is epidemic in the work environment
reflected in lost profits through physical & mental illness.  60-90% of all visits to health
professionals are for stress-related disorders. Employers who invest in workplace sponsored stress
reduction programs build a partnership philosophy with their employees to establish a quick return
to work policy while minimizing impact to earnings issues.

Barbara customizes corporate programs enhance the overall health and well being of employees.  
Tailored for the needs of your workforce, our program works like mathematics to create healthy
motivated workers with fewer sick days, fewer repetitive stress injuries and fewer accidents.

Wellness programs target prevention of :

  • *CTS  carpal tunnel syndrome
The average cost of a claim costs over $13,000.
  • *RSI   repetitive strain injury
This is a growing occupational hazard!
  • *CVC computer vision syndrome
This condition affects over 65 million people.

Barbara’s on-site seminars are engaging, fun and interactive; teaching methods are designed to
optimized employee health, safety & productivity and enables employees to combat stress in the
workplace with clinically proven scientific relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques.

Wellness exercises done right at the workstation relieve eyestrain and fatigue and create flexible
and strong necks, backs, shoulders and wrists. Corporations enjoy fewer worker’s compensation
claims & more productive happier employees.

Imagine each of your employees having a year with no sick days, no doctor’s bills, no worker’s
compensation claims and no injuries.  Imagine each employee coming to work motivated.  This is
Stress can cost your company money
in productivity, absenteeism and disability.

Wellness programs can help reduce stress
and improve the health and well being of
Barbara Rose Sherman
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